The Herb that Heals

the herb that heals basil

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the herb that heals basilThe Herb that Heals

It’s summer time and herb gardens are at its peak.  There’s probably a great herb you planted in there.  And an herb that has some powerful health benefits.  What is this great herb?  Basil!  Yes, this awesome herb in your garden is something you need to know more about, why to eat it, why to make an essential oil from it.  Let’s call it a Powerhouse Herb.

What is Basil

Basil, also known as Ocimum basilicum, is an herb belonging to the mint family.  It is native to India and parts of Asia.  The Greeks refer “basil” as meaning “king”, the French refer as “the royal herb”, and the Jewish folklore believed basil gives strength while fasting.  Many know it from Italian food, such as sauces and pesto.  Asian countries also incorporate this great herb into their cuisines.  And why incorporate this herb?  Researchers demonstrate how basil is an inhibitor of bacteria and fungi that is capable of infections  (1)

The Benefits of Basil

I love the benefits of basil that I not only love growing it to add to my foods, but I love making a basil oil as well.  So easy to grow, and with such great benefits, I definitely love making this an oil.

> Antibacterial and Antifungal – basil is known for its antimicrobial properties against food borne bacteria, mold, and yeast.  Much research has been done and shows positive inhibition against various forms of bacteria.  Try using basil oil in a spray bottle to wipe down surfaces.

> Air freshener – given its antibacterial property, basil oil is capable of kicking odor causing bacteria.  Spray it all over, kitchen, showers, and don’t forget your garbage cans.

> Great Mouthwash – remember that odor fighting bacteria property? Add some to your mouthwash, or even to your toothpaste.

>  Mood Lifter – take a deep breath in and smell that great smell of basil.  Basil helps restore mental alertness and helps rid fatigue.  Dab some oil on your wrists and chest as a natural healer of adrenal fatigue.

>  Helps Digestion – basil (basil oil) helps fight bloating and digestion issues.  Being antispasmodic, basil oil is a great oil for not only digestion, but also stomach issues (even PMS).

>  Kick Stress – since basil oil is a mood uplifter, basil is also great at lowering anxiety and nervousness.  Used for centuries, basil oil has been used in massage to relieve stress, as well as used in aromatherapy for calming nerves.


Basil is not only flavorful, smells refreshing, but creating in an oil (or buying the essential oil) brings you to a whole new level.  It’s no wonder countries find it as the “King”.  This great herb has magnificent benefits:

  • it’s antibacterial and antifungal
  • used as an air freshener
  • add to your toothpaste or mouthwash
  • mood lifter
  • helps digestion
  • helps kick stress and anxiety

Definitely an herb that should be in your herb garden if it’s not.  It’s not just an herb for food cuisine, but a powerful herb (herb oil) for our health.


*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases. Always consult with your physician. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.