Super Easy Make-It-Yourself Herb Oil

Super Easy make it yourself herb oil

This super easy herb oil takes very little effort, yet has healthy and great benefits.

Pick basil, bruise leaves to get its oil out. Pour oil over leaves until covered.









After 5-6weeks, use cheesecloth or filter











Strain in a glass jar


  • 1 handful on basil leaves, bruised
  • organic oil (I use organic extra virgin olive oil)


  1. Gather a handful of basil and place in a glass jar.  bruise the leaves a bit to bring out the aroma and oils. add a good quality light oil.  I like organic extra virgin olive oil.  Use enough oil to cover basil.  Place sealed jar (and label it)in a dark place on your counter or cabinet for about 5-6weeks. Strain the herb - oil mixture into a glass.  You can use cheese cloth or coffee filter (I prick tiny holes in it to allow better drainage) and strain into another clean glass jar.  Have a lid that seals tightly and keep oil in a dark place. I make small batches, so it gets used up quickly.  But rule of thumb. Shelf life is good for a year (note: sometimes with a high moisture plant, I let it sit out for a day to dry before making herb oil, as mold likes moisture).

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