Why You May Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Why You May Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp

A glowing rock in your house?  And there are possible health benefits to this glowing rock?  I’m happy to say, YES!  This glowing rock is actually made of salt and made into a lamp.  So what is this lamp and why should you have one? It’s a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp, and it carries health benefits you should know about.

What is Himalayan Salt

True Himalayan salt derives from the deep underground mines in Pakistan, located on the west side of the Himalayan Mountains.  The color varies from light pink to pinkish orange due to mineral concentration.  The Himalayan Salt Lamp is made from a solid block of Himalayan salt that had been hand carved.  Within in the hollow of the salt is a light bulb that emits light and some heat.  And this is how the benefits begin.

Because we are talking about a salt, water molecules are attracted to salt, which makes the lamp feel moist.  The air is made up water molecules, positive and negative ions.  Most times negative is bad, but in nature, and this time, it’s actually beneficial.  Water is considered the greatest source of negative ions.  Ever go to the beach or hang around waterfalls?  Feel relaxed and refreshed?  That’s the negative ions you’re feeling.  Though the Salt Lamp doesn’t carry a huge amount of negative ions, it does carry some benefits for our health.  There’s more ongoing research as to how Himalayan Salt and its lamps can benefit our health.


  • Relaxing – Just looking at the warm glow of the salt lamp is relaxing in and of itself.
  • Air purifying – It attracts water, which means water sticks to the salt lamp, dries and emits negative ions discharging in the air (called hygroscopic).  Water vapor carries bacteria, mold, and even allergens.  Salt lamp attracts the water from the air, cleansing it, and emits the negative ions.
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation – place salt lamp by electronics.  With salt lamps emitting negative ions, it cancels out the electromagnetic from the electronics (like computers and cell phones) (1)
  • Eases asthma and allergy symptoms – some new inhalers are using Himalayan salt as some salt therapies have demonstrated relieving the allergy and asthma symptoms (2)

Which Lamp to Buy

  • color – darker the orange, better it is.  Make sure is says 100% Himalayan salt
  • surface – I have a rough surface one.  Rougher surface mean better surface and more effective
  • size – bigger the lamp, more area it will filter.
  • Bulb – make sure you do not use LED light bulbs.  You want a bulb that will warm the salt

What’s the Bottom Line

Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautiful and the glow is relaxing to look at.  They do create negative ions which is a good thing for our health, as well as help relieve asthma and allergy symptoms given they pull bacteria and mold from the water molecules in the air.

Understand, they will not be your be all, end all to fix health problems, or even the whole house purifier.  Although, these lamps are pretty awesome for added health of relaxation and even better breathing.


*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases. Always consult with your physician. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.