Increase Memory with this Awesome Herb

increase memory with this awesome herb

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 increase memory with this awesome herbIncrease Memory with this Awesome Herb

Feeling fatigued and stressed?  Unable to concentrate and retain information?  That’s how I was feeling until I learned about this great herb – it helps your memory, retain information, and helps alertness.  What is the great herb?  Rosemary! Are you ready for memory boosting benefits of rosemary?

I have always loved the smell of rosemary, picking it from gardens and putting it behind my ear as an accessory, but I never knew how good it is for you.

What is Rosemary

Most everyone has heard of rosemary and that it is an herb for cooking.  And if you haven’t heard of it, you’re in for a treat.  Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region, with its scientific name called Rosmarinus Officinalis, and has a wealth of awesome health benefits.  And believe it or not, it’s part of the mint family, yet has no minty taste.  So aside from smelling wonderful and tasting just as great, why should you start adding it in your foods or on your body?

Health Benefits

As it turns out, there are compounds in rosemary oil that may be responsible for changes in memory performance. One of them is called 1,8-cineole –  it may act in the same way as the drugs licensed to treat dementia, causing an increase in a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine

  • Memory Booster – Hmmm, what was I talking about?  (lol, just kidding…it’s benefit number 1)  Rosemary is a memory booster!  How sweet is that?  There’s been documentation that rosemary is a cognitive stimulant.  And who doesn’t like a little help in the memory department?  Rosemary increases memory retention.  It’s also great cognitive stimulant for the elderly with cognitive disorders.  I love it! This could be a great aromatherapy inhaler for test studying and test taking.
  •  Mood Uplifter – the pleasant aroma of rosemary has been associated with uplifting your mood, clearing the mind, and relieving stress.  Whether it’s consumed in your favorite food or used topically (an essential oil blend), both can have similar effects.
  • Antibacterial – Rosemary is a great herb for fighting against bacteria, such as stomach bacterial issues.  Consuming rosemary helps prevent the growth of bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, as well as helping prevent staph infections.
  •  Strengthen your Immunity – Rosemary has some great properties that make it antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic.  How awesome is this! Rosemary helps keep our immunity up and strong.  Whether eating the herb or using the essential oil, it is a great line of defense for helping our immunity.
  •  Stomach Soother – feeling icky with stomach issues, constipation, bloating or anything in between, rosemary is your natural remedy.
  • Breath freshener – given its antibacterial property, rosemary helps your mouth (oral health).  Chew on a leaf or seep in hot water and swish it around as a mouth wash.

How to use Rosemary

This wonderful perennial can be used both internal and external.  The best benefits for consumption is using it as a final spice (or garnish) – this provides the highest health properties.  Cooking with it reduces the potency, but still is an acceptable way of consuming.  Using it externally, from essential oils, is another great way to aid in your health.  Apply it (diluted) topically  to your skin for its benefits.  Additionally, a great way of incorporating rosemary is through aromatherapy.  Use it in an inhaler  or distribute the pleasant smell throughout your house with a room diffuser (a machine that disperses essential oils in the room).

Sum it up

Rosemary not only has a wonderful aroma and tastes great, but it is much more beneficial than meets the eyes.   This great herb is an amazing herb used for memory.   There’s been studies showing and studies continuing on how beneficial rosemary is for memory.  And that’s not all, rosemary helps the body in general.  Using topically or ingesting as an herb for cooking, you can incorporate this great herb in several ways.  And the benefits are amazing:

  • great for memory
  • mood uplifter
  • antibacterial property to hinder bacterial growth
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Stomach soother
  • makes your breath nice

The Mediterranean culture had known about this great herb for years, now it’s time for the rest of us to understand and love it.  Here’s to great memories!




*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases.  Always consult with your physician.  Statements not evaluated by the FDA.