Your Coffee May be Making You Sick

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Your Coffee May be Making You Sick

Yawn! You need that cup of Joe to get yourself moving in the morning, or even in the middle of the day.  I get it, but drinking your cup of coffee may be making you sick, despite coffee actually being good for you.  You may be buying organic and fair trade coffee, but where are you making your coffee could be making you sick.  How are you making your cup of coffee?

No worries, I’m not going to be a downer on drinking your “get me going” coffee.  But I am going to bring a little light to how coffee is being brewed.  More than 2 Billion people all over the world drink coffee.  Holy! That’s a whole lot of people.  With the rush and go way (Western) society is, the popular K – coffee brewer makes coffee quick and easy.  Just grab a pod and hit the button.  Coffee! And quick too.  But sadly, that little machine, or any of the plastic coffee makers may be making you sick. (and the pods also are an environmental issue, filling up the landfills with unnecessary plastics)

How You May be Getting Sick

  • The plastic from your coffee machine – ever get a new coffee machine and it tastes like plastic?  It’s not coming from your (hopefully organic) coffee.  It’s coming from your coffee pot.  More and more studies are showing how plastic sheds chemicals, especially when plastic gets hot.  Biphenol A (BPA) leaches into the coffee and may cause endocrine disruption, such as infertility or even some types of cancers (1).  Some machines are using no-BPA plastics, but unless it’s labeled, it’s only fair to think they are made with BPA plastics
  • Mold – yes, gross right? The plastic tubes in coffee machines are in dark, damp, and perfect environment for mold growth.  The water doesn’t drain all the way with the plastic coffee makers, making your coffee infused with mold spores.  And sorry, the hot water that runs through the coffee machine still isn’t hot enough to kill the mold.

Drink Coffee Safe with Healthier Coffee Makers

  • Percolator Coffee Makers – remember the old fashion way of making coffee, the way grandma made it on the stove?  Tastes better than a drinking drip coffee.  This coffee maker has no plastic tubes and no plastic components that hot water has to go through while perking coffee.  And leave it on the stove to keep warm.
  • French Press – great for making coffee any intensity strength coffee.  No electric needed for this coffee maker.  Add hot (or boiling) water to the grounds and let it sit until the intensity you wish.  A great cup of coffee! Only drawback it doesn’t keep coffee warm. (this happens to be the way I drink coffee, and oh, you can make tea with a French press)
  • Cow Boy or Pour Over – nature helps this way of making coffee.  Hot water poured over coffee grounds (in a stainless or glass).  Allow to sit and once the grounds settle, carefully pour the coffee into a mug.

Bottom Line

Do not let your “pick me up cup of Joe” get you sick.  Try some of the alternative ways in making coffee.  Avoid the mold and plastic coffee makers that leach toxic BPA into your coffee.  Not only will you be making your cup of coffee healthier, these alternatives actually makes your coffee tastier. So ditch the Pods, ditch the plastic coffee makers and try:

  • Percolator – on the stove perking coffee
  • French Press – add hot water to the grounds, let it sit to your intensity, push down the mesh and enjoy
  • Cow Boy or Pour Over – letting nature settle the grounds down on the bottom.  Carefully pour and enjoy.

No expensive plastic coffee makers needed for a great cup of coffee.  Try it and let me know your experience.  Here’s to a healthy cup of morning bliss to you!


*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases.  Always consult with your physician.  Statements not evaluated by the FDA.