Why Your Cat’s Purr is Good for Your Health

why a cat's purr is good for your health

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why a cat's purr is good for your healthWhy Your Cat’s Purr is Good for Your Health

It’s relaxing to hear a cat’s purr, but did you know it is a health benefit?  A cat’s purr is actually quite healing for humans.  The purr has a very specific frequency that is therapeutic to humans and can reduce health risks, such as stress or even heart attacks. It’s even been linked to strengthening bones.

Why the Cat’s Purr

I recently saw on TV a woman who had given up her 5,000sq ft home to her hundreds of cats and now she lives in a trailer (on the property) next to the house.  Whaat! Crazy cat lady right?  Hmm, she may be on to something though.  That’s a lot of purring and who doesn’t love the sound of a purr; it’s so peaceful sounding.  Think back when you’re not feeling well, a headache, belly ache, or just sad.  Your cat jumps up and knows where to lie to make you feel better.  You see when a cat purrs, it purrs within a range of 20-140 Hertz, which is therapeutic (vibrations) to humans.

There was a study on felids (all size cats in the cat family) studying their purr and the frequency they purred.  Some cats purr were as high as 150 Hz, and the domestic cat is about 20 – 50 Hz.  The research had shown that a cat’s purr has that special frequency vibrations that aids people in feeling better.  Not only does it aid people, but the purr requires energy from the cat.  And Nature doesn’t select traits that are not important.  Think about it, cats who give birth – majority of them are purring, not just for the newborns, but also as a therapy for themselves in the uncomfortable situation.  If they are stressed or ill they tend to purr; again, their own self-therapy.

Health Benefits of the Cat Purr

  • Cats’ purr vibrations (range 20-150 Hz) are known to be therapeutic for illnesses.
  • Lowers the risk of heart attacks – people with cats lessen their illness
  • Lower blood pressure – hearing a cat’s purr relaxes people, decreasing their blood pressure
  • Lowers stress – listening to or petting a purring cat reduces stress, calming one’s nerves
  • Helps heal bones, muscles, and tendons – the frequency (about 25-50 Hz) are great frequencies to help heal bones, tendons and muscles.

Embrace Your Cat

Wow! The Crazy Cat Ladies out there maybe not so crazy after all.  They may be the ones who’ve been onto something the whole time.  Cats are therapeutic, with a healing purr.

Their purrs have healing vibations from 20-150 Hz.

They sense when you’re not feeling well and lie (and purr) in the places you need it the most.

Their purrs are soothing that it reduces your stress, which lessens any anxiety, lowering your blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure also helps the heart and reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Their frequency of 20-25 Hz helps mend bones, tendons, and muscles.

So who cares about a little cat fur on your clothes or them using you as a pin cushion now and again, because their purr could be saving you from illnesses.  And I’m definitely down for good health, how about you?





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