Best Reasons to Use Epsom Salts

best reasons to use epsom salts

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best reasons to use epsom saltsRemember grandma soaking in this, or wanting you to use it for your sports injury?  What is it?  Epsom Salts.  And you know, gram was right on.  This amazing salt is not your ordinary salt.  It’s super good for you, not just for soreness, but also to use internally and more. It’s not your average folklore story…  You may just want to add this to your First Aid cabinet, as it does so much more!

What is Epsom Salts

Epsom salt is a mineral of magnesium and sulfate.  It looks like table salt but not quite, as table salt is called sodium chloride.  And it’s a totally different compound.  Unlike table salt where you should limit yourself, Epsom (magnesium sulfate as some call it) has the mineral magnesium a body needs.  The Earth’s soil is getting depleted in its minerals and we need to find other natural resources to get our minerals.  Epsom is a great way!

So what makes Epsom so awesome?  The variety of great benefits that’s what.  And I can say, if it weren’t for Epsom salts when I was younger and soaking in it after playing sports, I’d be one hurting pup.  Epsom was my savior.


  • Relaxing and Rest Muscles – Epsom absorbs into our skin, providing the body to relax the muscles and reduce stress.  Tired and sore muscles will benefit from Epsom for reducing inflammation
  • Helps circulation – helps promote circulation in the cardiovascular by decreasing inflammation.
  • Helps constipation – one teaspoon in a cup of warm water and use as a laxative.  Just note, do only once per day.
  • Ease Gout symptoms – use a couple teaspoons of Epsom in warm water and soak the gout affected areas.  The magnesium sulfate reduces the inflammation, painful, and ache.
  • Wash pots and pans – use Epsom to create a safe abrasive to remove stuck-on food.
  • Garden helper – remove slugs in your garden.  Use it as a natural way to fertilize.

Time for Epsom

Wow! Epsom is quite useful.  Made up of the compound magnesium and sulfate, this wonderful salt is so versatile.  From relaxing muscles, helping the cardiovascular with circulation, relieving constipation, relief from Gout symptoms, to a natural abrasive in washing pots and pans, or using it as a natural fertilizer.  This is a great all around salt you need in the home.  I love soaking in Epsom salts to this day, and I hope you incorporate it in your home given its wonderful uses.


(note: over ingesting Epsom salts can lead to stomach issues and in extreme cases heart irregularities).

*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases. Always consult with your physician. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.