The Best Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Best Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil.

You’re soon to be best friends after reading the great benefits of Lavender Essential Oil.  But first, let me ask…feeling stressed?  Nervous tension? Have anxiety?  Can’t sleep?  Get migraines?  Yeah, I have some of these too.  Well, one simple answer is Lavender Essential Oil.  Yup! Lavender essential oil can help alleviate all of those ailments.   All that in just one oil (or organic plant).  See, isn’t lavender already becoming intriguing and becoming your best friend?

What is Lavender

Did you know lavender is part of the mint family?  Strange, right?  Indeed it is and there are 30 species of this wonderful evergreen shrub, with its narrow leaves and bluish-purple flowers – It’s not only fragrant, but also pretty. The Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash” due to its pleasant aroma, and it is actually native to the Mediterranean region.  Although, given its popularity, it’s now grown all over the world.

To get Lavender essential oil is by extracting [mostly] from the flowers of the plant through steam distillation.  And this awesome oil has been around for thousands of years, being used in spiritual meditations, having it in one’s medicine cabinet for first aid purposes, infusing it in perfumes, to incorporating it into food dishes.  It seems so versatile, doesn’t it, but why? What’s so special with lavender?

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

I’m pretty sure, and safe to say, lavender has to be one of the most powerful herb nature has to offer!  Maybe because this essential oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics.  The health benefits helps with anxiety and stress as I mentioned before, but it doesn’t stop there.  It’s a(n):

  • mood lifter – it relaxes the nervous system, which starts boosting better, happy  thoughts
  • relaxer and helps sleep – it has a relaxing impact on people and studies have shown it allows better sleep.
  • inhibitor of headache, including migraines – the aroma sends messages to the brain decreasing nervous tension and restlessness, which helps relieving headaches
  • soother of sore muscles – given its anti-inflammatory property, it is great on sprains, pains, and sore muscles
  • reducer with acne and psoriasis – the oil inhibits bacteria that causes acne (over-excretion and build up of the sebum gland on the face)
  • rid bugs – many bugs do not like the potency of this oil.  And it has anti-inflammatory qualities to reduce any bites or pain associated with bug bites.
  • improves blood circulation – the aroma on this oil helps reduce blood pressure, which allows more oxygenation to organs, promoting better blood flow in the body.
  • helps battle respiratory tract infections – used in aromatherapy or placed on the skin, the vapor of oil has antibacterial qualities to help battle the infection.
  • boost digestive health – the oil stimulates the production of gastic juices (and bile), aiding with treatment of colic, and the treatment of indigestion.
  • boost immunity – lavender essential oil has antibacterial and anti-viral qualities that makes it perfect for fighting off germs.

Home Benefits:

  • calms dogs
  • deters ants and other insects from your home
  • great mosquito, tick repellent
  • a good natural deodorizing for a non-toxic air freshener

Cooking with lavender:

  • aside from making great sachets, it tastes wonderful in baked goods and jams
  • makes wonderful, calming teas and beverages, such as lavender lemonade

Buy your Own Lavender – Plant

Having lavender essential oil is great given its amazing properties, but think about having this great herb in your yard.  I have mine planted around my home.  It deters pesky insects, critters, and more importantly ticks (living in the East Coast, ticks are a huge issue).  And by buying organic, pesticide free bush, you too can use it for cooking or a healing agent.  Best part, it’s pretty easy to grow.

Lavender likes good drainage and room.  It loves sun, so minimum of 50% of sun and not too much water.  Lavender thrives best in semi-dry (use sand or small rocks in soil when planting to give good drainage).  First year, trim off the buds to get a fuller bush.  After a couple of years, cut one-third down in the fall (before the frost).  But don’t toss the one-third cuts, that’s great for drying and making sachets, or even a tincture.

You’re Zen and Healed

Wow! That’s a whole lot of greatness from an herb.  No wonder it’s considered one of the most powerful herb, huh?  Lavender essential oil can do some pretty awesome benefits from healing aches, pains, acne, headaches, stress, to cooking with it and using it in drinks.  And not to mention how great it is to have it planted around your home to keep critters and insects away.  For me, it’s a must have inside and outside my home, and I hope it will be a staple in your home as well.


Quick Recipe:

1 oz jar or roll-on bottle

5-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Carrier Oil (grapeseed, jojoba, olive oil, or your favorite oil)

  • fill jar or roll-on almost full with carrier oil.   Add drops of Lavender Essential Oil.    Apply on skin. Use externally.


*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases.  Always consult with your physician.  Statements not evaluated by the FDA.