Benefits of Mangos: For Mind, Body, & Skin

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Benefits of Mangos: for Mind, Body, & Skin

Bite into “the king of fruits” and taste the sweetness, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants exploding in your mouth.  What is this awesome fruit? Mangos, and they are loaded with greatness.  And why eat them?  Rich in fiber, contains enzymes that comforts the stomach, this is a fruit not to miss.

What’s a Mango

Mango, also known as the “king of fruit”, manga, mangu, it all depends where you live.  It originated in southern Asia, really eastern India are actually.  Growing in popularity for its wonderful health properties, it spread all over the world, coming into the U.S. in the 19th century.  And would you believe it is in the same family as olives, dates and even coconuts?  Crazy right?  Yup, it’s part of the drupe family – a plant food that has an outer fleshy part that surrounds a pit.  And mangos have different colors and shapes.  But the health benefits remain the same…awesome.

Benefits of Mangos

This fruit is consumed world wide and it makes sense.  When I bit into mango salsa and drank a mango smoothie, I understood why it’s world known.  But I never knew how great it is for my health.

  • Alkalizes the body – rich in malic acid, tartaric acid and even citric acid helps maintain our body keep alkaline.
  • Helps our immune system – Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids, this combination keeps our body healthy
  • Good Eyes – with its vitamin A, mangos help fight dry eyes and helps prevent night blindness
  • Aids in digestion – high in fiber, with its enzymes that help in breaking down proteins, mangos help digestion and elimination
  • Keeps cholesterol down – packed with vitamin C, pectin, potassium, and fibres that help lower (serum) cholesterol levels.
  • Aids in fighting cancer – packed full of antioxidants such as, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid, and quercetin helps the body battle against prostate, breast, and colon cancers.
  • Skin cleanser – take paper thin slices of mangos and apply them to your face.  15 minutes later, this great fruit has helped unclog your pores. (rinse with warm water)
  • Iron power – rich in iron, mangos are great for anemics or even menopausal women who need to get iron back in their bodies.
  • Snack for memory – containing glutamine acid, mangos are wonderful for concentration and memory.  Time to cut up some slices for study time!

Nutritional Fact

Just one cup of Mango , we’re eating a powerhouse of goodness (of our daily intake)  only 100 calories

  • 100% of vitamin C
  • 35% of vitamin A
  • 12% of fiber
  • 20% of folate
  • 10% of vitamin B6
  • 2% of iron and calcium
  • 8% of vitamin K
  • And NO cholesterol, fat, or sodium

Grab this Sweet Powerhouse

Luscious and juicy, mangos are packed full of vitamins and minerals.  Mangos originated in India and now found and produced all over the world, and for great health reasons.

Add this great fruit into your food for:

  • alkalizing the body
  • boost immune system
  • keep healthy vision
  • aids in digestion
  • lower cholesterol
  • help fight certain cancers
  • helps get iron back
  • use it for skin care – unclog pores and have smooth skin
  • memory booster

Mangos are so versatile in foods, from adding them to salads, salsas, marinades, smoothies, to slicing and eating them plain.  Get creative! Do you have a favorite?


*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases.  Always consult with your physician.  Statements not evaluated by the FDA.