Who is Diary of a Wellness Gal

Hey there! Come on in.  I know you love being healthy (or looking to be) and feeling good.  Heck, we all do – none of us want to be sick.  With the unknown about Health Insurance (money wise), you want to be as healthy as you can without heading to the doctor.  The best way is to stay healthy.  And the way to do it is by eating certain healthy foods, using  healing herbs, and even using simple essential oils.

(HUG!) I’m your Diary of a Wellness Gal.  I’m Donna and I’m going to  share my research and knowledge that my family and friends implement to keep healthy (or healthier).

No worries, you’re not going to have to read 20 minutes worth of Healthy and Wellness to get your health and wellbeing on.  Because I get it, we are a society on the go…quick, quick, quick.  Skim and read and give me what I need to know now.  I hear ya, and I’m here for you, for everyone, who wants to live better and integrate that bit of health and wellness.

You can do it!

It’s tough juggling life with work, kids, and trying to be healthy.  But I’m here.  I care about being healthy.  And that’s why I’m doing all the research and living the journey myself.  I’m happy to bring my experience and research right here to you – in a condensed version that you can quickly read ( in about 5 minutes) and implement.

We know that the chemicals we put in our bodies and on our bodies are slowly making us sick.  I’m very passionate about ridding as much as I can to remain healthy, and I know you are too.  Reality, who wants to spend all that money on doctors when it could’ve possibly been prevented from eating right and having better wellness.

I know it may be tough to change, but it is possible and you can do it!  Although genetics play a role in health, as well as childhood upbringing (not being informed on the the effects of fats, sugars, and chemical colors and additives), you can still become healthier.  So take that deep breath and join me with my journey as Diary of a Wellness Gal.

If this [chronic lover of french fries] gal can do it, I have faith you too can take the leap and start your journey into health and wellness.  Feel confident that wellness is great and you’ll feel great.  I created this blog for you!  A place to find simple and easy answers in just 5 minutes.  Your health and wellbeing are so worth it.  You’ll thank yourself down the road.



I’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian or a medical doctor.  My blog is my Diary of my life.  My thoughts and words I express are solely mine, and not to be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.  When in doubt if you can use a product or eat a certain food, consult your physician – better to play life safe, after all, the goal is wellness.