Impressive Reasons to Eat Coconut Oil

impressive reasons to use coconut oil

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Impressive Reasons to Eat Coconut Oil

An oil that helps promote heart health and lower the risk of heart disease!?! Is there such an oil that can be that healthy?  It’s true and it’s called Coconut Oil.  High in natural saturated fats that raises HDL (good) cholesterol, this is one impressive oil. (1)

You may be wondering if coconut oil is good for you, and the answer is yes.  My father is a heart patient and reads a lot from the American Heart Association (AHA), along with his other “staple” magazines.  And he came across an article about coconut oil from the AHA, stating it may not be safe.  Now he knows I’m a coconut lover, using coconut oil in nearly everything, so he “had” to show me this.  So now dad became concerned with me using coconut in everything – toothpaste , smoothies, coffee, tea, foods, like I said, I’m loving coconut oil (lol).  But of course I had to read this article and see why AHA is having concern with my beloved coconut oil.  So in case you happened upon this or similar article, let’s briefly take a look.

Hmmm, wow! AHA stated coconut is as bad as beef fat.  In short, AHA focused on cholesterol and coconut oil increased LDL (bad) fat.  AHA followed up with one should reduce all saturated fats and go for unsaturated fats (2).  Interesting, but AHA failed to mention coconut oil also increases HDL (good) cholesterol.  AHA focused on total cholesterol and not the breakdown of each LDL and HDL.  Furthermore, our cell membranes need saturated fat – they’re made from saturated fatty acids.  What’s that do you may be wondering.  It helps our body, like pulling toxins from the liver and  helping with our immune system.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Using coconut oil is great for immunity – it’s anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, kills harmful bacteria, and gluten free.
  • Delicious and nutritious source of dietary fiber
  • Contains calcium, potassium, magnesium , and great for electrolytes
  • Good source of protein and fatty acids, which the fates change into energy- lessening the possibility of fat build up in the arteries and heart.
  • Improves digestion – a healthy body is having low or no inflammation.  And a healthy body starts with a healthy GI.  Coconut oil helps with absorption of nutrients and dietary fiber.
  • Gives energy – coconut oil isn’t stored as body fat but produces energy.  It helps bring healthy thyroid function, which relieves chronic fatigued, giving energy!
  • Boost brain function – several studies show the (good) fatty acids increase blood levels of ketones, supplying energy for the brain cells (a great oil for Alzheimer suffers) (3)

Not all Oils are Created Equal

  • The best oil is organic, unrefined coconut oil.  This has the highest antioxidant level, extracted from fresh coconuts.
  • Refined Coconut oil – it’s tasteless with no coconut smell.  Usually heated, bleached out and deodorized (hence, no smell).  It has some healthy aspects but not like the organic, unrefined.
  • Fractionated Coconut oil – this doesn’t get solid below 76 degrees like the unrefined coconut oil.  And it doesn’t have all of the benefits as the unrefined oil.

Sum it up

  • AHA focused on the total cholesterol and not the (health) components of coconut oil (not the best way to determine heart health)
  • Can help fight infection and bacteria due to its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties
  • Contains dietary fiber
  • Has absorption of calcium and potassium
  • Improves digestion – lowers inflammation
  • Boosts energy – produces energy without storing it in the body as fat
  • Helps thyroid – nourishes to reduce chronic fatigue
  • Helps the brain – increasing ketones

I love organic, unrefined coconut oil and use it with everything.  I value the AHA and their concerns and hopes to keep everyone heart healthy, fighting heart disease.  Although this time, it’s not the big picture, the totality, that was viewed.  Coconut oil remains a #1 for me, my family, and my pets.  And you too can feel comfortable with your organic, unrefined coconut oil.



*this product is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any diseases.  Always consult with your physician.  Statements not evaluated by the FDA.